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One of Northland's top drain cleaning and repair businesses, Drain Unblocking Whangarei specializes in clearing blocked drains and sewer systems. Property owners in Whangarei have trusted our staff of highly skilled plumbers and technicians since we opened for business in 1999. Our plumbers are all highly skilled professionals who have undergone extensive training. We specialize in unclogging drains and, as needed, removing and replacing drain components.

No matter the size of the plumbing job, Drain Unblocking Whangarei can handle it thanks to our cutting-edge equipment and committed staff. We can handle any blockage situation because we have the necessary tools and industry knowledge, even commercial drainage solutions.

Cutting-edge CCTV drain camera inspections are used by Drain Unblocking Whangarei to eliminate any uncertainty regarding the location of blocked or damaged drainage points. By avoiding the need for pricey excavation to diagnose the issue, this method is effective and economical. Additionally, drain camera inspections can significantly lower the price of drain unclogging.

The removal of debris from pipes, such as plant matter, grease, and hair—common causes of clogged drains—using conventional hydrojet tools is very effective. The roots of nearby trees that have entered drain pipes are a more serious reason for blockage. Specialized root-cutting tools are used by Drain Unblocking Whangarei to quickly and efficiently remove the root system and remove the obstruction.

Drain Unblocking Whangarei ensures that all of its plumbers for blocked drains receive thorough training and adhere to the Drainpro code of conduct.
We aim to deliver excellent outcomes with a benchmark response time. Call Drain Unblocking Whangarei right away for the best drain cleaning Northland has to offer. Any questions you may have can be answered by our helpful staff. Call us at 09 886 7019 or just complete our online instant quote form for a quote.

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Your Professional & Affordable Drain Unblockers Whangarei

We guarantee that every job we complete will result in the removal of blockages because we are so certain that we can produce the best results. We are here to serve all of your drainage needs, including:

  • Drain cleaning and repair
  • Removing organic matter, trash, and roots
  • Fixed cost for unblocking a sewer
  • Replacing system components
  • CCTV cameras to check drains, ensuring that only necessary excavation is done
  • Clearing out sluggish drains
  • Modern deep excavation and clearing tools
  • Ensure the clearing of obstructions on every job
  • Response time of two hours for major services
  • A focus on providing top-notch customer service
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Why Choose Our Whangarei Plumbers For Your Blocked Drain?

For All Your Plumbing Solutions for Blocked Drains, Choose Us

We are available to assist you if you have a blocked kitchen drain, sink, or toilet. We specialize in a full array of blocked drain plumbing solutions, including burst water pipe services, high-pressure jet blasting, drain camera inspections, stormwater drain unblocking, and stormwater pit pumping.

Call Drain Unblocking Whangarei for 24-hour emergency blocked drain and burst water pipe services if you have a plumbing emergency. We will act quickly to meet your needs! Call us right away at 09 886 7019 or send an online inquiry!

  • We have 20 years of experience clearing and relining drains and can locate and repair issues that regular Whangarei plumbers can't
  • Our InDrain camera displays the issue to you
  • Our staff members are highly skilled drain clearing plumbers who are registered with us
  • Fast clearing of clogged sewers and drains Travel time is included in our prices
  • Rates are inclusive, upfront, and truthful, and tree roots and other obstructions are removed

Our Whangarei Plumbers' Drain Unblocking Services

Blocked Sewer Drains

A clogged sewer drain is one of the most inconvenient emergency plumbing issues that Northland homes encounter. Contact a blocked drain specialist immediately to solve the issue and avoid damage to your pipes if you smell bad odors coming from your bathroom or see sewage backing up through the pipes.

Slow-Moving Drains

Water draining from your drain more slowly than usual or an observable water buildup are both signs of a partial drain blockage. Our team of skilled drainage specialists can identify the problem quickly and help to prevent it in the future.

Blocked Stormwater Drain

Blocked stormwater drains are a problem that Northland residents are all too familiar with. This can occur when sediments like dirt and other plant matter combine with leaves and other plant matter over time to form a blockage. The stormwater pipes in some Northland neighborhoods date back more than a century! A serious problem that has the potential to cause significant property damage is blocked stormwater drains. The people to contact are Unblocking Whangarei if you have a stormwater drain emergency.

Building / Commercial Drain Cleaning

Floor drain obstructions are a sign that the plumbing in a building needs to be thoroughly cleaned by a professional in cases where the plumbing systems have not been properly maintained. Our Whangarei plumbers can help.

Floor drain pipes, which remove waste water from buildings, can clog up over time, especially in older structures. This may prevent waste and water from being properly removed, leading to a messy water backup from your floor drains. We are experts at quickly identifying and evaluating issues with your building's drainpipes. You know who to call for drain unclogging that is guaranteed.

Blocked Toilet Whangarei

Got a blocked toilet to deal with? Locals in Northland can rely on Drain Unblocking Whangarei for quick, hygienic, trustworthy, and non-intrusive services. Our staff is available around-the-clock to help customers with their urgent unclogging needs. At Drain Blast, we have years of experience unclogging obstinately blocked toilets. Customers in Northland can contact us at any time, and our skilled, knowledgeable plumbers will help. Our unblocking services are hassle-free, quick, and easy because we use modern, advanced equipment. Give us a call before attempting to unclog your toilet on your own.

Whether the job is at a residential home, owners corporation, office, commercial building, or a drain block of public restrooms, Drain Unblocking Whangarei is available to unclog your blocked toilet in Northland (including those at major festivals and events). With over 100 5-star reviews and a reputation as one of the top 5 teams of plumbers in Northland, you can rely on us. Give the staff at Drain Unblocking Whangarei a call today to save yourself some time, money, stress, and mess!

Blocked toilets can also be due to septic tank blocks. Contact our septic tank cleaning experts today.

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Using our CCTV cameras, we thoroughly inspect the interior of your Northland drains to determine the precise cause of the obstruction. By identifying the underlying cause, we can prevent a recurrence.

We use a specialized, cutting-edge water jet head called a Roto spin to clean your drains, making them look brand new once more. This guarantees that the obstruction in your Northland drain will last as long as possible.

We use a specialized, cutting-edge water jet head called a Roto spin to clean your drains, making them look brand new once more. This guarantees that the obstruction in your Northland drain will last as long as possible.

Depending on the size and severity of the blocked drain, the price to unblock a drain in Whangarei starts at around $295 + GST. One of the following causes accounts for the majority of drainage obstructions:

  • Flushed foreign objects down the drain. Toys, commercial waste, paint, diapers, pads, etc.
  • Sewage will accumulate due to pipe breaks and bends brought on by ground sediment.
  • Collapsing older drainage pipe systems (typically earthenware)
  • Incorrect drainage installation. All drainage blockages can be fixed, for example, fittings that weren't glued, test plugs that were left in place and weren't removed, improperly inserted glued sections, etc. Costs typically refer to items that are "above the drain." Do we need to cross any concrete? Asphalt? between walls? by way of landscaped areas? Do excavators have access, and the list goes on. The depth and size of the drain that needs to be repaired is also a crucial factor.

In most cases, our knowledgeable drainlayers will offer advice on a fixed price for making repairs. The the above rates are applicable when this is not possible.

Whangarei's Leading Drain Unblockers

Your Blocked Drain Fixed Right-First Time

You've found the right place if you're looking for a Northland plumber who takes great pride in clearing your blocked drains correctly the first time.

We've learned a thing or two about the most typical plumbing issues our customers in Northland encounter and the best ways to fix them thanks to our many years of experience in the New Zealand plumbing industry.

Finding the root of the blocked drain is our top priority at Drain Unblocking Whangarei. The best and most economical way to permanently fix the plumbing issue for our customers is to identify and address the root of the problem.

We carry a wide variety of specialized equipment to deal with the various types of blockages Northland can throw at us because of the region's wide variety of housing types. We can handle Northland blocked drains, from the larger homes in Mangawhai to the newer style homes in central Whangarei.

You get your blocked drain fixed correctly the first time when you combine our dedication to identifying and addressing the root cause of the blockage with skilled and experienced plumbers who show up in fully stocked vans with all necessary equipment, including CCTV cameras and Hydro Jetting machines.

Even the most challenging blocked drains at your New Zealand home are no match for our skilled and knowledgeable Whangarei plumbers, who are equipped and prepared to handle them. Our company's mission is to transform the plumbing sector in New Zealand and earn our clients' trust by identifying and resolving all of their plumbing issues.

Call Drain Unblocking Whangarei to get the blocked drain in your Northland home fixed right the first time and save yourself the time, money, and stress!

Areas We Unblock Drains In Whangarei and Northland

  • Cable Bay
  • Coopers Beach
  • Dargaville
  • Haruru
  • Hikurangi
  • Kaikohe
  • Kaitaia
  • Kamo
  • Kawakawa
  • Kerikeri
  • Mangawhai
  • Mangonui
  • Maungaturoto
  • Moerewa
  • One Tree Point
  • Opua
  • Paihia
  • Ruakaka
  • Ruawai
  • Russell
  • Taipa
  • Waipu

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