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best plumbing crimping tool for plumbers

For plumbers, having the most awesome plumbing crimping tool is absolute must-have. Not just for efficiency, but also to guarantee quality work. Here, we discuss the top picks for anyone searching for the perfect crimping tool.

When it comes to finding the best plumbing crimping tool, a few things need to be thought about. Durability is one. You need a tool that won’t break down after lots of use. Plus, a pleasant grip is essential to avoid hand fatigue after long hours of work.

Versatility is another fundamental element. The ideal crimping tool should manage different pipe sizes and materials easily. This lets you take on numerous jobs without needing multiple tools.

Precision is also important for plumbing work. An excellent crimping tool should deliver exact, consistent outcomes. This ensures tight connections and stops leaks. This saves money by avoiding extra repairs or callbacks.

Apart from these key qualities, additional features like quick-change heads or integrated cutting mechanisms are worth considering. These extra functionalities can further boost productivity on the job site.

Now that you know the essential qualities to look for in a plumbing crimping tool, it’s time to act. Don’t pass up the chance to upgrade your equipment and make plumbing jobs more effective and dependable than ever. Invest in the best plumbing crimping tool right away to experience the difference it can make in your plumbing career.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plumbing Crimping Tool

When selecting a plumbing crimping tool, think about these factors: size and type of pipe, precision level, durability, ergonomics, and extra features.

Look at this table for more info:

Pipe SizeWhat range of sizes can the tool handle?
Pipe MaterialWill it work with your copper or PEX pipes?
Precision LevelIs there an adjustable setting for accuracy?
DurabilityIs it made from high-quality materials?
ErgonomicsIs the design comfortable and easy to use?

Plus, some tools have pressure relief valves or interchangeable jaws. This can help you be more productive.

Plumbing crimping tools are becoming really popular among plumbers. According to Plumbing Today magazine, 85% of pros use them for joining pipes.

List of the Best Plumbing Crimping Tools for Plumbers

When plumbers search for the top plumbing crimping tools, there are many options. Here’s a list of the best ones:

  • Milwaukee M18 Short Throw Press Tool: It has one-handed operation and a LED light for dark areas.
  • IWISS Combo Angle Head PEX Pipe Crimping Tool Kit: It comes with a crimping tool, pipe cutters and multiple jaws.
  • SharkBite 23251 PEX Crimp Tool: It’s for SharkBite fittings and ensures secure connections.
  • Apollo PEX Quick Cinch Clamp Tool: It offers good leverage and precise crimps.
  • Reed Tool PPR150 Plastic Pipe Fitting Reamer: This smooths and preps plastic pipes before crimping.
  • RIDGID 23498 RC-1625 Ratcheting Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter: It cuts plastic pipes precisely.

Plumbers should also consider other factors such as durability, ease of use and compatibility. Pick a tool that meets project requirements and is reliable.

Tip: Regularly clean and maintain your crimping tools. This can help their lifespan and performance.

Remember to wear safety gear like gloves and eye protection when working with crimping tools.

Pros and Cons of Each Plumbing Crimping Tool

Plumbing requires the right tools. Crimping tools are key. Let’s review their pros and cons. Check the table below:

Crimping ToolProsCons
PEX CrimperEasyLimited compatibility
Copper CrimperDurableRequires skill
Battery-powered CrimperPortableNeeds recharging

PEX crimpers are simple to use. DIYers and pros love them. But, they’re not compatible with all pipes.

Copper crimpers are more durable. But, they need skill. Best for experienced plumbers.

Battery-powered crimpers are portable. No cords or power source needed. But, you have to recharge them.

Pro Tip: Choose a tool that suits your needs. Quality tools save time in the long run.

Now, you’re ready to make a good decision about which tool to use.


The hunt for the best plumbing crimping tool is over! With its precise performance and durability, it simplifies and enhances the process. The ergonomic design and comfortable grip minimize fatigue. High-quality materials make it a reliable investment.

This tool offers outstanding versatility too. It works with a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, eliminating the need for multiple tools. From copper to PEX pipes, it adapts effortlessly.

On top of this, the best plumbing crimping tool offers enhanced precision. Cutting-edge technology guarantees accurate crimps and secure connections. This prevents leaks and ensures consistent water flow.

A plumber’s story further proves its excellence. They found it after their old tool failed. In awe of its efficiency, they never looked back. Plumbers worldwide are raving about this tool for its superior quality on job sites. It simplifies complex tasks while maintaining outstanding results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best plumbing crimping tool for plumbers?

A: The best plumbing crimping tool for plumbers is subjective and depends on the specific needs and preferences of the plumber. However, some popular options among professionals include the Milwaukee PEX Crimp Tool, IWISS PEX Cinch Tool, and Apollo PEX Crimp Tool.

Q: How do I choose the right crimping tool for plumbing?

A: When choosing a crimping tool for plumbing, consider factors such as the type of pipe you work with (e.g., PEX or copper), the connector system you use (e.g., crimp or cinch), the tool’s durability and ease of use, and customer reviews and ratings.

Q: What features should I look for in a plumbing crimping tool?

A: Look for features such as adjustable crimping sizes, a comfortable grip, a high-quality construction material (such as hardened steel), and a reliable locking mechanism to ensure consistent and secure connections.

Q: Can I use a regular crimping tool for plumbing?

A: It is not recommended to use a regular crimping tool for plumbing as it may not provide the required pressure and precision for secure connections. It is best to use a specialized plumbing crimping tool designed for the specific pipe and connector system being used.

Q: Are expensive plumbing crimping tools always better?

A: Not necessarily. While expensive plumbing crimping tools often offer high-quality construction and additional features, they may not always be necessary for every plumbing job. It is important to balance your needs and budget and choose a tool that meets your specific requirements.

Q: Where can I buy the best plumbing crimping tool?

A: The best plumbing crimping tools can be purchased from various sources, including home improvement stores, plumbing supply stores, and online retailers such as Amazon and specialized tool websites. It is recommended to compare prices, read customer reviews, and consider the warranty and after-sales service provided by the seller.

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